Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days


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Alastair Reynolds returns to his bestselling Revelation Space universe with two novellas of interstellar exploration.

“Diamond Dogs”
The planet Golgotha—supposedly lifeless—resides in a remote star system, far from those inhabited by human colonists. It is home to an enigmatic machine-like structure called the Blood Spire, which has already brutally and systematically claimed the lives of one starship crew that attempted to uncover its secrets. But nothing will deter Richard Swift from exploring this object of alien origin...

“Turquoise Days”
In the seas of Turquoise live the Pattern Jugglers, the amorphous, aquatic organisms capable of preserving the memories of any human swimmer who joins their collective consciousness. Naqi Okpik devoted her life to studying these creatures—and paid a high price for swimming among them. Now, she may be the only hope for the survival of the species—and of every person living on Turquoise...


Praise for Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

“Fans of Reynolds’s brand of noirish sci-fi will find enjoyment here.”—The Kansas City Star

Diamond Dogs is a rare fusion of hard SF and splatter-gore horror, a disturbing tale which nonetheless tempts the reader to keep going...Turquoise Days is an extraordinarily well-written novella, and a commendable addition to Reynolds’s richly imagined universe.”—SciFi Dimensions

“Astronomer Reynolds’s two far-future space exploration novellas...confirm his mastery of noir SF...brilliantly executed parables.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Nonstop thrills...showcases Reynolds’s flair for exotic locales, startling concepts, and crisp language.”—Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

“[Diamond Dogs is an] exhilarating first person account space caper [that] feels more like a gothic planetary noir with fabulous amoral mercenary antiheroes...[Turquoise Days is an] exciting outer space thriller [that] hooks the audience...The well written stories keep the audience locked into one sitting...fabulous.”—Midwest Book Review

“Reynolds illuminates more of his vividly conceived universe and explores the individuals and groups that bring those worlds to life.”—Library Journal

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