About the Series

 Since Doctor Who’s 2005 revival after an almost fifteen-year hiatus, the British sci-fi show has become an American cult phenomenon, as an Entertainment Weekly cover noted in August 2012. But the show’s U.S. following is such that “cult” may well be an understatement. Each season brings new record-high ratings for BBC America.

As fan excitement reaches fever pitch, Broadway Books is thrilled to add new original Doctor Who tie-in novels to its series. These exciting novelizations are sure to feed every Whovian’s insatiable desire for more of the Doctor. All books have been penned in collaboration with BBC’s Cardiff-based TV production team and are based on the authors’ advance access to the top-secret scripts of forthcoming episodes.

“If you’re wondering whether the books can possibly live up to the TV series, get this: the authors include Justin Richards, who has written other Who books and is Creative Consultant for BBC Books’ line of Doctor Who fiction; and longtime Doctor Who actor/writer Nicholas Briggs, best known as the voice of the Daleks!” wrote Whitney Matheson, USA Today pop-culture columnist and Pop Candy blogger.